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This is the chat specially set up for this room -…

Submission rules:
- Please submit your art to the appropriate folder, not the featured folder, The admin will move the appropriate art to the featured folder at the end of each month, (in order to give everyone a chance I will mix up what kind of art gets put in there each month).
- The folders are self explanatory, so traditional art goes in the traditional folder etc. Please try not to submit it to the wrong folder as it can become a nuisance to sort if there's alot of it.
- There's no rules on maturity levels, just ensure that the 18+ stuff is marked as
- Submit as much as you like there's no limit.
- Deviations submitted can be any character in SSB whether they appear as a sticker, a trophy, a boss, a playable character, a prop in the background, an item etc.
- So overall just have fun with it!

Note to new members: If you want to be a character say so in the comments section. (These are separate from characters in the chat)

:icondynamicflames: - Marth
:iconsilverluver123: - Sonic
:iconmarcuswilliams: - Meta Knight
:iconkayla-hiwatari: - Link
:icondaytonablue64impala: - Fox
:iconjonesycat79: - Chikorita
:iconreedpiper: - Zelda
:iconsoralover012: - Lucario
:icondielectric-m: - Bowser
:iconwiqqles: - Jigglypuff
:iconcandy-swirl: - Ness
:icondemonicfox16: - Ike
:iconroyalknightunion: - Ray MK III
:iconpossumato: - Mewtwo
:iconlord-nalthren: - Ninetails
:iconartcat1962: - Captain Falcon
:iconthemightychocomofo: - Zero Suit Samus
:iconomegadragon4: - Mario
:iconphantomfan97: - Kirby
:iconastricon: - Wolf
:iconsuperbrownman: - Luigi
:icongamerbluex: - Ultimate Chimera
:iconroyjoemana: - Roy
:iconmonkeyhighfan: - Pokemon Trainer
:iconkanis-major: - Falco
:iconinzim-1: - Olimar
:iconfloridianfruitbasket: - Peach
:iconpurple-reaper: - Pikachu
:iconpeace41: - Pit
:iconsecretmelody07: - Claus
:iconicpopo: - Lucas
:icondynaskann: - Dyna Blade
:iconyenke: - Toon Link
:iconkafei-cup: - Dark Link
:iconsmileugly999: - Mr. Game & Watch
:iconbunnie222: - Yoshi
:iconfawful-the-great: - Fawful
:iconremixu: - Masked Man
:iconphantom-dreams: - Ganondorf
:iconmiki-chan004: - Sheik
:iconshadow-zelda: - Puppet Zelda
:iconsmokey51: - Toad
:iconsonicgal390: - Eliwood
:iconpeach-x-yoshi: - Rosalina
:iconnegativepotato: - Sword Knight
:iconalyfox27: - Mr. L
:iconv-drift: - Piplup
:iconshear-rohark: - Leon
:iconfoxmccloud101: - James McCloud
:icontunentinkletoes: - Bob-omb
:iconnorwegianhomeland: - Kuro Pit
:iconneroishot: - Pichu
:iconkinglarozoku: - Giygas
:iconkittykat91096: - Ivysaur
:iconkuromi59: - Dark Toon Link
:iconcocohints: - Vio Link
:iconanimekittygirl32: - Dark Pit
:iconluigistar445: - Dr. Mario
:icontyphloser: - Suicune
:iconloungemen: - R.O.B.
:iconmajoseiv: - Mr. Saturn
:iconmehwhatever3: - Red
:iconlindsaylatte: - Toon Zelda
:iconwerewolf-hero: - Snorlax
:iconflightfulangel: - Palutena
:iconanim3-lov3r: - Sheik
:iconsigmae106: - Blue Pikmin
:iconariand54321: - Geno
:iconstara1: - Daisy
:iconjesusclon: - K. Rool
:iconppeter10000: - Big Boss
:iconbuizelon: - Dark Mario
:iconcocoathechihuahua: - Ridley
:iconeeveelutionlova: - Nana
:iconjeffkyler14: - Dark Fox
:iconcolonel-majora-777: - Count Bleck
:iconwowfandema: - Skitty
:iconblueblurblade: - Anti Sonic
:iconxmiokix: - Medli
:iconlycianwolf: - fe7 tactician
:icondrakon-thedragon: - Dark Ike
:iconpower-metal-amy: - Samus Aran
:iconstarwolf-saiyan: - Marcus
:icontails5565: - Tails
:icononaganetsumaru: - Dark Bowser
:iconzelda-freak91: - Young Link
:iconlorenzomelendez: - Skull Kid
:iconsavage-savy: - Charizard
:iconprince-marusu: - Giga Bowser

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Hello, hello! This is just a friendly reminder to all members here that you do not submit to the featured folder. You submit to the correct folder your submissions go to, and then eventually it might make it's way into the featured folder. I don't like denying any submissions, so for now on please submit to the correct folders!
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Group Info

A group devoted to anything and everything about the Super Smash Bros series, you can submit just about anything as long as its got someone from the original, melee or brawl in it somewhere.
Also this is a great place to share friend codes, so feel free to.
Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 22, 2010


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Fan Club

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